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A fine Malay Keris
Thick broad blade
7 luk, NICE

A fine Malay Keris Thick broad blade 7 luk, NICE Bugis Kris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Malay keris with a thick heavy blade.

This example is a very good, totally original keris throughout with a thick heavy blade of near hexagonal cross section.
In its sheath it is just under 45cms long. Out it is 38.5cms long with a blade just under 30cms in length.
The hilt is very well carved from finely selected timber which sits perfectly within its heavy and unusual brass cup.
The blade is very fine quality. It is of a stout 7 luk profile, has a near hexagonal cross section and clear pamor patterning throughout.
The sheath 100% original to the blade, and complete with the exception of the butnut.
Like the hilt, it too is selected from fine timbers and free from damage.

A fine example of a strong keris.

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