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Malay Keris
Fine blade
Rare Pamor type

Malay Keris Fine blade Rare Pamor type Bugis Pamor Kris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Malaysian Keris with a rare pamor pucuk rebong.

This broad old Keris measures 44cms long in its sheath, 43cms out and has a blade length of 34cms.
The Jawa Demam hilt is an old example that was given a second life through the replacement of the base. Due to a loss to the lower protion of the timber, this old replacement shows the manner in which the repairs were carried out, being a sleeve over the original inner core.
The blade is a broad 7 luk type that has been reserved perfectly beneath an old cosmolene covering. Removal and cleaning of the covering will reveal the very rare pamor perfectly. The Pamor shows approx 100 lines running through its base to fornm chevron patterns that peak throughout the entire blade.
The sheath shows losses to the butnut (base), an opening to one face from repeated drawing in and out. Given the perfect wear at this point and the overall wear at the throat, the sheath is true and original to the blade.

A fine old example that shows a very rare pamor.

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