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Sumatran Keris
Unusual features
For restoration or study

Sumatran Keris Unusual features For restoration or study Bugis Malay www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Sumatran Bugis Keris that will grade up very well.

In its sheath this Keris is 46cms long. Out it is 40cms with a blade length of 32cms.
The entire keris throughout carries some good age to it, with the hilt in particular having survived numerous repairs or modifications. The base of the hilt has been replaced with black horn as had the crown which is now lost. Of further interest are two ivory disc plugs to each side, an aspect unknown to keris enthusiasts, a point worthy of further study.
The hilt sits within a decorated cup of low grade silver, now tarnished with age.
The blade is of a narrow 7 luk design and its pamor surfaces show clear pamor typical of Sumatran Keris.
The sheath is in near perfect condition throughout but does have an ivory butnut pinned to the base that has losses. The timbers are dark and well chosen.

A good study piece with interesting qualities and at a very good price.

A keris that would grade up very well with minimal effort.

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