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Sumatran Keris
Signed sheath
Rare type
Quality blade
Royal provenance
diplomatic gift

Sumatran Keris Signed sheath Rare type Quality blade Crown prince of Siak www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare signed Sumatran Keris.

This example measures just under 42cms long in its sheath, 40cms out and has a blade length of 31.5cms.
The large well proportioned carved timber hilt is of the Jawa demam form which sits within a very fine silver cup.
The blade is of a seldom seen form, is of thick cross section and has a pronounced medial ridge throughout its length.
The keris sits within a well grained timber sheath that carries minor period repairs
The sheath is dressed in silver with all surfaces showing floral arrangements, the base 5 raised dots, likely representing the pillars of Islam and there is a central cartouche to the rear that contains Islamic text staing this to be 'the crown prince of siak', likely a gift from one of the princes.

A good rare keris type from Sumatra, likely mid western regions.

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