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A fine silver Daab
Laos, Thailand region
Deep repousse hilt
All silver dress

A fine silver Daab Darb Dah Dha Laos Thailand region Deep repousse hilt All silver dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine sword from Northern Thailand.

This Daab or Thai/Laos sword measures 86cms long in its scabbard, 82.5cms long out and has a blade length of 58.5cms.
The entire hilt is decorated in a thick silver repousse of excellent depth and quality. The repousse designs show cloud like motifs to most of the hilt and various Naga designs to the mid grip, deep designs that offer a very sure grip as does the larger diameter of the hilt.
The blade is a thick well forged type. It has a tall medial ridge running from the base to the tip. Each face has a single narrow fuller beneath the spine with incised lines above and below. The tip of of the type typically associated with the Laos regions of Northern Thailand. As shown in the photo the blade is at fault with a hairline crack.
The scabbard is silver sheet over timber.

A very fine sword type from the Northern Thailand region.

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