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Sumatran sword
A large sabre
Unusual materials
Carved pommel

Sumatran sword A large sabre<br>Unusual materials Carved pommel www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Sumatran sword or rarer large proportions.

This dress and fighting sword measures 92cms long in its scabbard, 88cms out and has a blade length of 71.5cms.
The combination of materials used to make this sword are a rather unusual and rare example.
The hilt is of carved timber in the manner of a Makara with its upturned snout. The warm patina and well chosen timber is very pleasing to the eye and hand. This hilt sits atop of a carved horn collar.
The blade is a broad curved example in good condition, is of a light yet very capable fighting type.
The timber scabbard has a bone throat and a horn tip. The horn tip is secured with an iron pin and is shaped as such, that the sword could double as a walking aid or support of which there is evidence of it used as a support with the horn upturned at the edges.

A good old Sumatran sword of considerable size.

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