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Tridacna Keris hilt
A fine clam shell hulu

Tridacna Keris hilt A fine clam shell hulu Malay Java Sumatra Borneo Banjarmassin Cirebon www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Keris hilt carved from Clam shell.

This finely carved Malay Keris hilt is made from Tridacna or giant clam shell.
It is of demure form, standing 6.5cms tall and 5cms from the back of his head to the beak.
The carving overall, when considering the material type is quite crisp and detailed.
It is free from loss or damage to the external appearance of the hilt but there are minor losses around the hole through which the pesi sites, an area hidden by the bronze or silver cups the hilt typically sits in.

A fine and rare Keris hilt.

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