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A fine Dah knife
Tai Shan dagger
Ivory and and silver

A fine Dah knife Burma Burmese Thai Tai Shan dagger Ivory and and silver www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine ivory hilted Dah knife or dagger, Shan states.

In its sheath, this example measures just over 30cms long, out it is just over 27cms long with a blade length just under 17.5cms.The hilt is ivory that has been dressed in fine silver. Its blade is straight for most of its length but has a very subtle belly at the tip.
The blade is undecorated, has a clipped tip and a slight re-curve to the tip.
The sheath is timber with a full high quality silver covering. It broadens and tapers towards the flared base and is bound and decorated in very fine high quality silver strapping and embellishments.
Attached to the throat is a very fine and complete woven suspension baldric that appears to be made from a wool like material.

A very good complete example of the type.

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