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A very fine Kukri
Rhino horn hilt
Silver bolster
A very fine blade

A very fine Kukri Rhino horn hilt Silver bolster wootz Nepal Ghurka Ghorka A very fine blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An exceptional fighting Kukri.

Once in a while something very interesting comes along that just speaks to you when held, this Kukri is one such item.
Personally, out of the many hundreds I have handled, I rate this example as the finest Kukri I have handled to date. It just has a balance and finesse in the hand and wants to work for what it was meant for.
The Kukri measures 47cms long. It has a hilt length of the hilt is 12cms excluding the bolster, whilst the blade from the tip to the centre of the bolster is 35cms.
The spine is 7mm thick at the base and just a fraction thinner mid section, and 2.5mm at the tip. The drop in the blade is an impressive 10cms, a curvature which likely speaks for the perfect nature in which this Kukri handles.
The hilt is a very rare Asiatic Rhino horn, and a very high quality horn type it is. The grip is carved in traditional motifs mid-section, followed by a very pronounced grip ring approx 2/3rds of the way towards the pommel.
The bolster is silver.
The blade has a wide Kaudi and a deep drop which has been mentioned. It is incised along both sides of the spine with what could be considers sun and moon motifs. Its construction is a fine pattern welded type with a very subtle hollow forged belly and a razor sharp edge which displays clear differential steel patterning.
The Kukri is without its original sheath and companion knives. Based on similar examples, it most likely wore fine pierced silver sheath fittings.

A fine and very rare example with exceptional fighting qualities.

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