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Naval Dirk
Japanese 1883 pattern
Naval Officer’s Dagger

Naval Dirk apanese 1883 pattern Naval Officer’s Dagger www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and very well price Imperial Japanese Naval dirk, 1883 pattern.

In its sheath it is 42cms long. Out it is 32cms long with a blade length of 21cms.
The entire dirk remains in excellent condition throughout with the exception of a repaired break to one side of the leather at the base. The fittings all gilt with 95% retained throughout.
The ray skin grip is without fault and pegged to the middle.
This example appears to be an older type with a pegged tang as was traditional with all Japanese swords and knives. The blade is in good polish for its age.

A good complete example throughout at a very competitive price.

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