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An early Indian Pata
Tanjore Gauntlet sword
18th century India

An early Indian Pata Tanjore Gauntlet sword tulwar talwar shamshir katar 18th century India www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine, rare and early Tanjore Pata.

This large example measures 129cms long and a blade which is 100cms long to the gantlet. The length of the blade to the tip of the langet is 83.5cms long.
The entire sword appears to have been dismantled sometime in the early 20th century, then copper plated and reassembled. However, despite this appearance the Pata has retained and further developed a wonderful old patina throughout.
The pierced and chiselled gantlet remains in exceptional condition for its age. Its surfaces display mythical creatures that appear to be Yali, vine tendrils and floral motifs.
The blade is a fine stiff type with decent flex for the dimensions. It is of an elliptical cross section and likely wootz beneath the copper plating.

A fine and very well priced example.

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