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Ottoman dagger, bichaq
Very fine silverwork
Large gem end stone
Inlaid blade
Greece, Balkans

Ottoman dagger bichaq Kard knife Crete very fine silverwork Large gem end stone Inlaid blade Greece Balkans www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine silver bichoq from the Greek Ottoman regions.

In its sheath, the knife is just over 33cms long. Out it is 30cms long with a blade length of 20cms.
The fine silver hilt is adorned with bead and wire work, hand engraved motifs and set with a large red gem stone to the pommel. The sheath displays the same very fine silverwork in a very detailed vine and floral repousse finish. Numerous shield like motifs are found on the narrow edges of the sheath.
Its blade is a slender type with the left face inlaid with a low quality gold, whilst the right face is absent of any markings.

A very good example of the type with only minor restoration if desired, such as the addition of an aged velour section between the sheaths silver sections and securing of the silver sections to the timber, which in turn would grade this piece up very well and restore it to its original condition.

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