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s1670 & 1671



Rare Flame back Daab
18th century Loas/Thai regions
Samrit fittings

Rare Flame back Daab Dah Dha Darb sword 18th century Loas Thai Thailand regions Samrit fittings Elephant Ngao www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An unusual and seldom seen pair of Thai swords.

This large bone handled swords measure 91cms long and each have a 66cms long blade.
The large thick hilts are each cut from a large bone, likely an Ox or similar beast. These bone sections are capped in a repousse Samrit (auspicious bronze alloy) with each pommel end displaying a deity or possibly Buddha or a Nat.
The blades are strong tempered types, narrow in spine thickness but still displaying distal taper to the cutting edge and tip. In profile, two large upswept dorsal fins can be seen, being a very rare blade type for these swords.

A good rare pair of swords from Thailand, 18th century.

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