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A very fine Khyber knife
Afghanitan Salawar
Tooled leather sheath

A very fine Khyber knife Afghanitan Salawar Tooled leather sheath www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Afghanistan Khyber knife or sword.

This rare example measures 72.5cms long in its sheath. Out it is 69cms long with a blade length of 55.5cms long to the edge of the bolster.
The grip is a well selected horn section, simply riveted in three spots. They are finished with a simple metal grip strap and very fine faceted and pierced bolsters. At the pommel is an articulated decorative lanyard ring and leather lanyard.
The blade is very well preserved. Its edge remains sharp and its surfaces are clean and in original polish. There is a single fuller below the spine that runs through the mid section of the blade and it has a thick "T" spine. In profile, the blade has a forward curve through the spine and a re-curved tip and needle point.
The sheath or scabbard is mounted in simple thick steel fittings with a single suspension band and loop as is typical for the type. The leather work however is rarely seen on these weapon types. The leather is likely donkey hide and tooled in a repeating decorative motif, likely tooled over applied string work to the inner timber core. Breaking up this motif are raised horizontal motifs with vertical lines, something that has been mimicked in the steel work at the edge of the drag.

A very fine Afghanistan sword.

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