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Chinese sabre
Bannerman sidearm
A fine example

Chinese sabre Dao Dadao Jian Bannerman sidearm A fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete Ch'ing military sabre, sidearm or dao.

This sword type measures 69cms long in its sheath, 61cms out, with a blade length of 47.5cms.
The hilt is a ray skin grip over a timber core that is bound in bronze wrapping which is secured beneath the decorative bronze pommel cap and collar. The disk guard or Tsuba is of typical form and fashion with decorated surfaces.
The scabbard is covered in ray skin that has been sanded smooth and dyed green. It is bound in bronze fittings that are decorated in the same manner as the hilt.
The blade is of tapering form with a file finished back edge just short of the upswept tip with is thickened for piercing. The cutting edge is formed through its distal taper and there are double fullers to each face.

A fine and complete example

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