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Chinese Sword
Fine heavy blade
seven star inlay

Chinese Sword Jian Dao Dadao sabre epee Fine heavy blade seven star inlay www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete Jian from the late 19th century.

This example measures 95cms long in its scabbard and just over 89cms out. The blade is better than typical quality and measure 70cms to the tip of the protruding guard or 72.5cms to the very base within the opened mouthed guard.
The hilt is cloth bound in is period traditional manner. The pommel is a less seem raised hat type whilst the bronze guard is the typical Tiger or Yazi dragon type with bellowing clouds curling towards the grip.
The blade is of diamond cross section, in original polish and carries the famous seven star inlay.
To the forte is a dragon chasing a flaming pearl with the reverse showing votive or protective characters.
The scabbard is timber bound in lacquer and wire which are dressed in simple suspension fittings and lower drag.

A fine and well priced example of an antique Chinese Jian.

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