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Chinese broadsword
For restoration
Quality fighting blade

Chinese broadsword Jian For restoration Quality fighting blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A restoration project, a good forged Jian blade in need of some TLC.

This sword has had a bit of a rough time but for someone wanting a genuine circa 1900 Jian of good base qualities, this may be for you.
The hilt retains its original fittings and is now bound with string over the grip. The open "Bat" like guard has been lead filled around the base of the blade.
The blade itself is a robust forged fighting type. It has a block forte and broad bevelled edges that run from the mid section of the blade. Its edges are hardened. The down side it that the blade does have several bends throughout that could be removed with time and the blade repolished to its former glory.
The Jian does not come with a scabbard.

A good entry level project for someone wanting a genuine fighting blade.

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