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Burmese Dah
Iron fittings
Unusual dress
Kachin region

Burmese Dah Iron fittings Unusual dress Kachin region www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good quality Dah with iron fittings.

This sword from the Burmese regions is likely from the northern regions in to Assam where open scabbards are more common.
It measures 69cms long in its scabbard, 61.5cms out and has a blade length of 42cms.
The hilt is a solid bamboo core that has been fitted with thick steel fittings that are lightly decorated at the edges. The central grip area has been decorated in brass tacks that offer a sure grip when swung.
The blade is a very strong hard blade type with minor flex. It has a narrower waist that widens through to the concave tip.
The scabbard is timber with an open face and decorative brass bands to keep the Dah in place. It is pierced at the top where it appears a leather belt suspension strap may have been located.

A good solid working Dah for fighting and or daily use.

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