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Nias sword, Balato
Head Hunting sword
Nias Island

Nias sword, Balato Head Hunting sword Nias Island www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare Nias Island head hunting sword.

This example measures 62cms long and has a blade length of 47.5cms.
The carved timber hilt shows very fine age patination throughout and a minor loss. The carving represents a monkey like figure atop of an elaborately carved Lasara head. This finely carved hilt sits within a beautiful cast bronze collar with integral small guard.
The forward curving blade has a small block forte, clear laminated pattern surface and a very fine and sharp edge.
Its scabbard is timber bound with bronze strapping showing a heavy patina. It has minor losses to the throat and tip.
Many of these swords carry "Magical" amulet baskets in various stages of completion that are formed throughout the owners life. These appear as very simple rattan band basket sometimes empty, others contain carved figures, bronze artefacts, teeth, bones, small skulls and other votive object. Crocodile teeth often adorn very old examples and boars teeth are also seen tied to the outer basket.

A good authentic head hunting sword from Nias Island.

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