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Sikin Panjang
Northern Sumatra
Pattern welded blade

Sikin Panjang Northern Sumatra Pattern welded blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A goof fighting sword from Northern Sumatra.

In its scabbard this Sikin Panjang measures 72cms long. Out it is 65.5cms long with a blade length just over 51cms long including the stem ring.
The hilt is carved horn and of the hulu tumpang beunteueng type. The hilts surfaces are inscribed throughout and an age crack is found to the left face when it meets the stem ring.
the blade has a nine petal stem ring which is integral to the blade. The blade has a single fuller to each face that is just below the spine whilst the rest of the blade is hollow forged and retains a sharp edge all the way through to the end of the hatchet tip.
the blade surfaces so a good pattern welded surface and hardened edge.
The scabbard has small losses to the edge and is missing the rear insert that runs along the spine which could be replaced. Its surfaces are covered in delicate inked engravings and has a carved throat.

A good example of the type complete with its scabbard.

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