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Rencong, Sumatra
Aceh dagger

Rencong Sumatra Aceh dagger hulu meucangge www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice Sumatran rencong.
In its sheath this rencong measures 39.5cms long. Out it is 36cms long and has a blade length of 27cms including the bolster.
The carved horn hulu meucangge style hilt remains in good condition with only a very minor age crack at the bolster.
The blade is clearly patterned welded but is pitted in places. It is a thick heavy type, is hollow forged and retains a full tip.
The sheath is missing timber and has been poorly reconstructed as it was once broken, likely the spoils of war.

A very well priced entry level Rencong, the ideal letter opener for your desk.

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