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Chinese sword
Mid sized sword
Quality blade

Jian Chinese sword Mid sized sword Quality blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good early 20th century midsized jian in need of some TLC.

This jian measures 80cms long in its scabbard. Out of the scabbard it is 75cms long with a blade length of 54.5cms from the tip of the guard to the tip of the blade or 59cms to where it sits within the recess of the guard.
The hilt is of a timber grip bound in ray skin with a brass pommel, collar, lanyard hole and guard.
The blade is in its original bright polish throughout but shows some surface wear in places. It has a black ricasso and a central medial ridge through to the tip.
the scabbard is timber, wire bound and lacquered. It sits in brass fittings and carries and repaired break to the base.

A good jian with a good quality blade that would grade up well with a sharpen and clean.

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