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Salakot, Tagalog
19th century
district chief's helm

Salakot 19th century district chief's helm Luzon Philippines hat rattan helmet www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and very rare Salakot from Luzon.

This very rare district chief's head ware remains in exceptional condition throughout and is heavily embellished in silver.

The helm appears to have been a large hollowed out gourd that has had a very finely crafted woven rattan inner which is remarkably free from loss or damage.
Securing the woven inner and the hard outer shell is the decorative silver banding which are pinned in place by very long silver split pins that are folded over against the inner weaving. Atop of the three bands of silver strapping are further decorative pins that sit along the top edge of the upper band.
Between the bands and the upper spire there sit 8 decorative sun and star motifs. To the centre of the top of the Salakot is a very fine filigree base, a hour glass middle and a large central spike. All surfaces of this upper silver mount are decorated in various motifs.
Keeping the helm in place is a replacement chin strap with four bone discs for securing under the chin. To the end of the strap are three woven toggles hanging from what appears to be an original bronze loop.

A very fine and rare piece of Luzon history in remarkable condition for its age and a display piece that would look even more stunning with all the silver fully polished.

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