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A fine Ottoman dagger
Crete, 19th century
Silver and ivory
Gem inlaid pommel

A fine Ottoman daggerCrete Greek 19th century Silver and ivory Gem inlaid pommel www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Ottoman dagger, Cretan knife.

This fine knife measures just under 27.5cms long in its sheath and 25cms long out. Its blade length is 15.5cms including the bolster.
The grip slabs are Elephant ivory pinned in 6 places to each side. These slabs are secured atop of thick brass liners and through the blades tang. Finishing the hilt is a decorative silver (now tarnished) grip strap. At the pommel, between the two larger ears is a small piece of ivory craved in a sea shell shape and set with a faceted gem stone.
Mounted between the grip and the blade is a decorative silver bolster engraved in a shell or clam like fashion.
The blade is expertly forged and retains a razor sharp edge.
In profile, the blade has a re-curved needle like tip and engravings to the left face which also appear to show a date above the large central engraving.
The spine is fully engraved throughout and the cross section of the blade is a "T" section.
The sheath is bound with an engraved silver ring at the throat and is leather over timber. The green leather is in excellent condition and it stitched with plaited brass wire.

A fine example of the Cretan dagger or knife.

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