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A large and complete Seme
Massai tribes Africa

A large and complete Seme Massai tribes Africa www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine large Massai Seme with original carved leather belt.

This Seme measures 88cms long in its scabbard. Out of the scabbard, the Seme is 87.5cms long and carries a heavy double edged blade that is 72cms long.
The hilt is is a simple stitched hide covering over an unknown core, possibly thin timber slabs or wrapped directly over a thick steel tang.
The blade has a long pronounced medial ridge that runs the entire length of both sides. The base of the blade is 1cm thick and approx 2cms wide which broadens through the Spatula tip which is approx 4cms across. Its cutting edges are very sharp and run for approx 2/3rds of its length.
The scabbard is a leather over timber. The red leather surfaces are tooled to the front and upper rear sections and stitched through the middle of the rear. Running through the front belt loop of the scabbard is its original thick carved hide belt.

A fine and large example of the type in very good condition.

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