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Japanese sword
WWII Katana
Signed blade

Japanese sword WWII Katana Signed blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Japanese Katana, WWII period.

This Katana measures 104.5cms long in its scabbard. Out it is 97cms long with a blade length of 70cms including the Habaki or 67.5cms long excluding the Habaki.
Throughout, this sword is in fine condition with minimal wear.
The hilt binding shows light wear and is without fault. The standard military Menuki are secured in place beneath the binding which sit atop a black ray skin covering.
The blade shows use and is still in original polish with shows minor blemishes from its use.
There are very minor edge nicks in a few places.
The scabbard is a leather clad field dressing at remains free from loss or damage.

A good well priced example.

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