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A large Tolelo Navaja
Over 81cms long open
Dated 1900
With valour motto

A large Tolelo Navaja Over 81cms long open Dated 1900 With valour motto www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare near mint Toledo made Navaja, dated 1900.

This oversized fighting knife measures 43cms long closed and a over 81cms long when opened.
The body of the Navaja is perfectly formed thick rolled brass over a timber core. Its surfaces are decorated in traditional manners throughout its entire length with each end expertly capped. The long steel back spring is very tight and holds the 9 tooth ratchet very firmly where so often age takes a toll at this pivot point in a Navaja.
As noted, the blade has a solid 9 tooth ratchet that locks very firmly in place. It tapers to a very fine yet strong needle point and it clipped to one side for over half its length.
The left face has a large central cartouche with floral designs running through the middle. To the top of the cartouche, reads, when loosely translated "Fabricated in Toledo 1900". Below the floral motifs, again loosely translated, it reads, "If this viper itches for you, there is no remedy in the pharmacy".

A long fighting knife with a very dangerous reach.

A fine near mint provenanced example or a rare Toledo Spanish Navaja that would take very little effort to have this Navaja again appear new.

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