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Navaja A fine example Rare type Unusual blade type www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very finely crafted Navaja with unusual decorative aspects.

This Navaja measure 37cms long open 20.5cms closed and have a blade length of 17cms.
The hilt is brass over timber. Its surfaces are fully and finely engraved with three distinct patterns throughout. The end is finished in a very dangerous needle like spike that could inflict a nasty wound. If held tight in the hand and with the thumb over the pivot end, the use is akin to a trench knife, perhaps used in this manner to deliver a debilitating but not lethal blow rather than a lethal strike from the blade.
The blade shows distal taper, a file clipped back edge to one face of the blade and decorative motifs and recesses to the blade faces. To the left face are floral motifs whilst above a floral motif on the right, a line of Spanish script can be seen.
The back spring is simple, undecorated and thick and offers a strong lock to the 4 tooth ratchet.

A very fine and well crafted Navaja.

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