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Afghani sword
Khyber knife
Rare guard type
A fine fighting sword

Afghani sword Khyber knife Rare guard type A fine fighting sword Kabul Afghanistan Central Asia Bukhara Shamshir www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare solid old fighting Khyber knife, short sword or Salawar from Afghanistan.

In its thick iron bound sheath, this example measures 76cms long. Out it is 70cms long with a thick 57cms long blade of fine fighting quality.
The hilt is carved horn grip slabs mounted in long steel bolsters, a thick central steel grip strap and broad and heavy iron knuckle guard. The iron guard has a single quillon to the spine side of the blade and a pierced tri bar formed knuckle guard. The end of the knuckle guard is of a decorative nature, reminiscent of old world Persian metalwork.
The blade is mounted against a thick brass plate that separates the hilt and blade. It is of classical Khyber form, having a thick 12mm "T" spine tapering to the tip, simple fullering under this pronounced spine and a strong and sharp bevelled cutting edge.
The sheath is leather over timber with larger thick steel fittings with various file finished decorations. To the reverse is a single thick iron suspension ring

A good and rarely seen example of soldiers fighting Khyber knife/short sword.

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