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A fine Afghan Choora
Afghanistan dagger
Horn inlaid hilt
Fine blade

A fine Afghan Choora Khyber Karud Sabre sword knife Afghanistan dagger Horn inlaid hilt Fine blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Afghan Choora with inlaid horn hilt and engraved spine.

This Choora measures 43cms long in its sheath. Out it is 41cms long and has a blade length of 29cms to the edge of the brass bolster.
Goat horn grips are inlaid with very small copper and silver wire to form a geometric patterns of native motifs, a craft often seen in ivory pique walking canes in Europe. These thick grip slabs are covered at the fore grip in faceted and stamped brass plates in the same style as seen on many Khyber knives of the region, likely the same long standing manufacturing centres of Afghanistan.
The blade is of the classical "T" section spine which carries an engraved design.
The sheath is a typical working man's sheath with simple leather over timber.

A good old Choora from the Khyber pass regions.

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