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A good Sumatran Keris
A very fine hilt
good pamor blade
Minang regions

A good Sumatran Keris Kris sword dagger knife spear A very fine hilt good pamor blade Minang regions www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine old Sepakol Keris.

This fine Malay Keris is without a sheath.
The hilt is of the Jawa Demam type and a very fine and rare example of the type and extremely well carved throughout.
The tilted head position offers a very comfortable grip in the hand and it is carved from timber but has a very smooth and horn like feel it its surfaces.
The silver pendokok is at fault with minor loss.
the blade is a sturdy Sepakol type. It has a slight forward curve and a pronounced simple pamor that curves in to the base of blade and its pesi, much like the base of a flame or bowl.

A fine Malay Keris.

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