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Vietnam sabre
A very rare Tonkin sword
Very rare hilt type
Repousse silver fittings

Vietnam sabre A very rare Tonkin sword Amman IndoChine Very rare hilt type Repousse silver fittings www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Vietnamese sabre.

This rare and unusual sabre of known form is just one of the many sword types found within the large diverse region that Vietnam covered.
In its scabbard is measures just under 95cms long. Out it is 86cms long and has a blade length of 62cms.
The broad curved tapering hilt is carved from a very finely selected rich coloured timber. It is bound with a repousse silver collar that displays native Vietnamese floral motifs and other plain wire bound sections at the guard.
The Tsuba like guard is bronze which is pierced in its traditional manner. To the blade side are two decorative silver spacers that sit between the tonkou and guard.
The blade is a very rare form in a Katana line fashion. It has a rounded spine through to the tip and a clear hardened edge.
The scabbard is of simple timber form retaining a simple silver strap to the mid section and repousse silver fittings to the throat and drag, both of which show a flaming Lion like mane design to the edges and masks within the floral decorations.

A very rarely seen Sabre from Vietnam with rare hilt and blade type.

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