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Thai Laos sword
A very rare example
Fine repousse silver Daab

Thai Laos sword A very rare example Fine repousse silver Daab Dha Dah Darb sabre Thailand Lanna www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare repousse silver Thai Laos sword or Daab.

This sword measures just over 84cms long in its scabbard.Out it measures just under 77cms long and has a blade length of just under 47cm.
The hilt is a highly detailed repousse silver over a shaped brass liner which then sits over what appears and feels like a timber pommel in the shape of an elephant's tusk, although, with the natural shape and various age lines, it is possible that this is a blackened tusk end.
The silverwork shows various motifs throughout including writhing dragons or Naga. As seen in the images, one small section of silver shows minor losses.
The blade has a very thick flat spine that that tapers acutely to a raised medial ridge that continues through to the tip. In profile, the sword and its blade show a very good curve from end to end. The blades base is narrow and it widens to a broad belly and cutting edge that still remains sharp.
Its scabbard is timber covered in a thick double leather covering.

A very rare sword type with features such as the curve and brass liner beneath the silver that are indicative of a fighting sword type for a person of some wealth and social standing.

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