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A fine & rare sabre
Mughal India
Silver and ivory dress
Black Wootz blade
A fine Indian Shamshir

A fine & rare sabre Mughal India Silver and ivory dress Black Wootz blade A fine Indian Shamshir Antique sword spear Kris Keris knife dagger Katana www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare and high quality silver dressed Indo Persian, Mughal Indian Shamshir.

This sabre measures 98cms from tip to tip in a straight line. If the cutting edge was followed the sword would measure 103cms long in its scabbard.
Out of its scabbard it is 93cms long in with a blade length (again in a straight line) of 81cms from the tip to the centre of the quillon block.
The entire sword is solid and in very good condition throughout. The hilt is Walrus ivory grip slabs pinned with silver. The pommel cap, grip strap and quillon block are also solid silver and of a high purity.
The blade is also of a higher quality than normally seen. It shows a very dark contrasting Wootz pattern throughout its surfaces and for its size, it is much heavier in the blade than it appears. The cross section is a thick wedge shape with a slightly rounded back edge and is a very well hardened steel, yet still shows signs of suppleness if flexed.
A very fine fighting sword.
The scabbard is original throughout. It retains all of its solid silver fittings over a worn velvet covering. As seen in the photos provided, the drag has suffered some damage to the tip, a very easy repair for a competent silversmith, an aspect I am happy to put right for the buyer of this sword if desired.
Beneath the scabbard coverings are solid scabbard timbers with only a very minor loss at one edge, so recovering in an antiqued velvet covering and a new bullion thread band at the seam would vastly grade up the appearance of this sword.

A fine and rare example in high end dress with a grip shape not often seen and a desirable black Wootz blade

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