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A very fine knife
Ottoman Crete dagger
Ivory and silver
Large example

A very fine knife Ottoman Crete dagger Ivory and silver Large example Greece Greek sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and large Ottoman Crete dagger.

This rare example measures 38cms long in its sheath. Out is measures 35.5cms long and has a blade length of 23cms including the bolsters.
The hilt has large ivory grip slabs are just under 6cms across the ears and each is 11cms long. Each slab is pinned in 6 places, secured through the tang and finished with a broad tapering engraved silver grip strap.
Pinned between the ears of the pommel is carved ivory in a sea shell shape and mounted with a turquoise centre stone.
Where the grip strap meets the blade are decorative silver bolsters, engraved in the form of a clam shell.
The blade is in an old full bright polish that remains very good throughout. The left face shows a long engraved design whilst the right face remains free from engravings.
Its "T" spine is a work of art being a fuller running through to the tip, incised edges and a detailed repeated engraved pattern through to the tapering tip.
The blade remains very sharp.
The sheath is a thick and robust repousse silver type. It shows applied plaited wire work and bindings to the throat and detailed repousse work through to the tip.
Attached to the sheath are five silver chains with four of these chains ending in attached silver coins.

A very fine and rare Ottoman dagger from the Island of Crete.

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