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A very rare Barong
Interesting cross cultural influences
Philippines chopper

A very rare antique Barong Krs Kampilan Palembang Borneo knife sword Interesting cross cultural influences Philippines chopper www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare and interesting and rare barong like chopper.

This "Barong" measures just under 46cms long and has a blade length of 30cms. It is 6cms wide through the belly and wider if the dorsal spike is included.
The pommel is a rather unusual form which resembles the Makara hilts seen on Palembang sword. Its grip is bound in old cord in traditional Philippine fashion and a small bronze space is mounted between the hilt and blade.
The blade has a unique profile and very prominent and typical pattern welded surfaces like those seen on Barong.

A very Barong with interesting cross cultural design elements.

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