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A fine Laos Daab
Long Bronze or Samrit hilt
A fine fighting sword

A fine Laos Darb Thai Thailand Daab Long Bronze or Samrit hilt A fine fighting blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine old Fighting Daab with a long bronze hilt.

This very good example measures 87cms long in its scabbard, 84.5cms out and has a blade length of 46.5cms from the centre of the base to the tip.
The hilt remains in original unpolished state. The patination to its surfaces is deep, rich and pleasing to the eye. The colours range from bronze, copper and green to the original bright shine Samrit casting which is seen on the edge of three lobes of the pommel when it has been rubbed.
The blade narrow through the waist and deep through the belly. Its edge is sharp and misty differential steel patterning can be seen on the blades surfaces.
The deep curve from the pommel to the blades tip makes for a fine fighting sword. Its centre of gravity is within the hilt at the first small plain finger wide section of the bronze hilt behind the flared fore grip, a section so perfectly placed.
The Daab retains its original scabbard with most of its original rattan binding still in place.

A fine complete example of the type.

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