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Keris PanjangKedah, Malaysia
Kelling Hall collection, board 1, number 7

Keris Panjang Kelling Hall collection board 1, number 7 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Keris Panjang, likely Kedah, Malaysia, Kelling Hall collection.

A beautiful and untouched Keris that has sat silently on the walls of Kelling Hall for approx 100 years.
Commonly referred to as an executuion Keris, these Status Keris were both for fighting and execution when called upon.
Overall in the sheath the piece measures 73cms, out it is just under 69cms with a long razor sharp blade of 58cms.
The blade is finely crafted and shows wonderful forging lines to the length of both sides.
Both the Jawa Demam hilt and the scabbard display a nice wood grain, burl in places and the scabbard is finished with a bone insert to the tip, though it may also be ivory.
A nice complete and untouched example of a very rare Malaysian Keris.

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