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Shuang Dao
Double Chinese sabres
steel guards
Dragons on blades

Shuang Dao Double Chinese ox tial sabres steel guards Dragons on blades www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good pair of midsized niuweidao or "Ox Tail" sabres.

This pair measure 79cms long in their scabbard, out they are just over 78cms long with blades that are 64.5cms long.
The hilts are cloth wrapped timber grips with brass collars and pommels and steel half cup guards. The collar of the right hand sword which faces out when suspended has an engraved dragon figure to its outer face.
The blades show clear distal taper from the spine to the cutting edge and the forte through to the tip.
In profile, each blade is upswept and broadens through its belly and carry 2 fullers to each side.
The right hand sword has a dragon engraved to the inner face at the tip, whilst the left hand blade has two dragons to the outer face, one at the tip, the other to the middle.
The scabbard is timber with brass fittings. It is wire bound and lacquered throughout.
As seen in the photos, these swords are as found, unrestored examples with mild discolouration to parts of the blades and it lacks the drag from the bottom of the scabbard. It is at this point that a clear shape of the original fitting can be seen in the lacquer, a perfect reference point for a competent jeweller to reproduce this fitting in brass if desired.

A good rare pair of Chinese swords.
Similar sized examples with disc guards are displayed in the Warsaw Military Museum.

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