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Thai sword
Repousse silver hilt
A fine example

Thai Thailand Laos Daab Dah Dha sword Repousse silver hilt A fine example fighting sword Krabi Krabong www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good silver hilted Thai Daab.

This sword is just under 76cms long in its scabbard. It has a hilt length of 25cms long and a blade length of 48cms long.
The Hilt is a solid timber core with repousse silver decoration covering all surfaces. It is decorated in native cloud like motifs throughout and is finished in a very elaborate decorative pommel.
The blade is reminiscent of older styles. It is very thick at the base of the spine with a medial ridge running through to the tip. It has a very pronounced upward curve and a very unusual tip curving forward along the spine, one that is very capable of piercing.
The blades edge shows minor nicks along its still rather sharp edge. Its faces retain some decoration and the base is wrapped in a semi precious samrit alloy, akin to the Chinese Tonkou.
The sword retains an original old black lacquered scabbard.

A very good sword with minor edge and silver issues, likely 18th century.

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