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A fine Jambiya
Coastal yemen or Oman
Rhino horn hilt
Silver hilt dress
Silver stitched Shagreen sheath

A fine Yemen Jambiya Rhino horn hilt Silver hilt dress Silver stitched shagreen sheath www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Rhino hilted Yemen Jambiya.

The Jambiya measures 30.5cms long and carries a 20cms long blade.
The hilt is Rhino horn with silver embellishments to the front and silver sheet to the rear. The hilt design is interesting in that the typical front face is traditionally dress whilst the rear face is sully dressed in silver and still retaining decorative motifs.
The blade is strong and retains a very sharp edge.
The sheath is unusual and Shagreen dress is rarely seen. It is original to the Jambiya, well formed and is bound in a style often seen on Oman sabres. Loss to the tip.

A very rare type with a desirable hilt.

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