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Laos Daab
Long handled chopper

Laos Daab Long handled chopper Ngao Thai sword dah darb Krabi www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete example of a long handled Laos Daab.

This sword measures 88.5cms long in a straight line across the deep curve. Its hilt is 44cms long to the guard, its broad blade is 40.5cms long.
The long hilt is bamboo with what appears to be an iron collar that displays a very deep rich patina and 7 woven bands of rattan and a small simple bronze guard with file finished edges.
The blade has a 100mm thick spine at the base, a raised back edge through to the tip and a sharp blade. The blade narrows through the waist in width and depth and then broadens to just under 4cms deep through the belly.
The scabbard is leather, string and rattan bound. It remains in healthy condition with only minor rattan loss near the throat.

A good example of the type.

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