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Gaucho Facon
Fighting knife
South America Cowboy knife
Northern Argentina

Gaucho Facon Fighting knife Northern Agrentina Uruguay Cowboy knife poignard Punal Punale www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good quality Gaucho fighting knife.

In its sheath, this Facon measure 44cms long. Out is it just under 39cms long with a blade length of 26cms.
The hilt and fittings appear to be a very good quality nickel silver. All the fittings are very thick and solid, durable as they were heavily used by the South American cowboys.
The hilt has both round and octagonal grip sections with a domed pommel. There are three bands of raised floral designs and three engraved flower motifs to the hilt. The thick guard offers very suitable hand protection.
The blade is single edged with a sharpened clipped back edge. It has a single fuller running down each side and is very sharp. To the base of the blade is a wrapped nickel silver band.
The sheath is stitched leather with strong fittings that are engraved in floral motifs. The belt clip also shows raised decorative motifs.

A good complete example of a Gaucho fighting knife.

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