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A fine & massive sword
Thailand & Laos
All silver dress

A fine massive sword Thailand & Laos All silver dress Dah Dha Daab Darb www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A massive rare Daab from the Laos regions fo Thailand.

In its all silver dress scabbard, this Daab measures just under 106cms long.
Out it is 98cms long and has a blade length of 64.5cms long.
The all silver repousse hilt is decorated throughout with cloud like motifs, Naga, floral motifs and a spirits face.
The silver is slightly split in places and worn from age and use with the mid sections of silver now loose but overall the entire hilt remains in good condition throughout. Its large pommel is free from damage.
The blade is a heavy and robust type. It is 3cms across the base and 4cms through the belly with the spine measuring 1cm think.
There is a peaked medial ridge running the full length of the spine.
In its scabbard it is approx 1.5kg in weight.
The scabbard is a solid timber core dressed in sheet silver that is embellished at the ends. The base is stamped with 5 circles.

A very large sword once belonging to a personal of considerable wealth and social standing. It is of a size rarely seen on the market with a blade quality with fighting in mind.

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