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A fine Malay Keris
Kelantan Keris
Ivory & silver dress
Very rare 5 luk blade
Very rare example

A fine Malay Keris Kris Kriss Malais Kelantan Keris Ivory & silver dress 5 luk blade malela Very rare example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good and rare Kelantan keris.

This keris consists of an ivory hilt, silver cup, a finely grained timber and a silver repousse sleeve and a fine blade.
The keris measures just under 46cms long in its sheath. Out it is 45.5cms long, with a blade length of 37.5cms.
The ivory Jawa Demam hilt is well carved and shows a very old warm caramel patina. There is a minor loss to the dorsal peak.
The silver cup is at fault and with loss but is original to the keris.
The very fine Carita blade shows good features and clear hardened edges. It is of a rare 5 luk form.
The Kemuning timber Sampir or cross section displays fine grains throughout both sides but carries minor age loss at its tips.
The Sheaths stem is timber dressed in repousse silver which displays both floral and scale designs, one side sharing both with the reverse fully floral.

A very good and rare Keris with numerous seldom seen features.

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