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Aceh Pedang
Sumatran Status sabre
Very fine silver grip
Quality blade

Aceh Pedang Sumatran Status sabre Very fine grip quality blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Sumatran Pedang.

This rare sabre, often associated with status is in excellent condition throughout and retains a wonderful and detailed wire bound hilt.
The sword is without a scabbard, a scabbard type which is typically very simple in appearances of plain leather over timber.
The sword measures 88.5cms long and carries a blade which is 72cms long.
The decorative basket hilt shows native designs to its surfaces and a fine silver wire bound hilt. The small pommel cap that surrounds the base of the pommel spike is missing.
The blade is a fine type of fine form. The base of the spine has a fuller, whilst the tip is a shaped back edge which meets the broad central fuller seen to each face of the blade. Above this broad fuller is a secondary narrower fuller.

A fine and rare Sumatran sword of status.

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