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Silver presentation Dah
Burma, 19th century
A fine & rare sword
Buddha and Chinthe desgins

Silver presentation Dah Dha Darb daab sabre sword epee Burma 19th century A fine & rare sword Buddha and Chinthe desgins www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare all silver Burmese presentation Dah.

this fine sword measures 84cms long in its scabbard, 80.5cms out and has a blade length of 48cms.
The entire sword is covered in very fine repousse decorated silver. Typically, a single presentation cartouche is found to the upper outer face of the scabbards throat on Burmese presentation Dah, where this example has 6 vacant cartouche with 2 at the mid grip, two at the fore grip and two at the base of the scabbard.
The swords hilt has a demure lotus bud pommel sitting atop a very detailed floral repousse patterned grip. The grip section is divided by two very thick beaded silver rings that also aids in gripping the sword.
The blade is a very well forged and constructed type. The spine is flat for the first 19cms which then continues through to the lotus bud tip as a medial ridge. Its faces have a single broad deep fuller running through to the tip with a single narrow fuller above this. There is a shorter narrow fuller running partially along the blade above these.
The scabbard is a timber core dressed in thick plain silver sheet which is over decorated is thick repousse silver panels and very thick beaded silver rings separating these overlaid panels.
The upper throat section of the scabbard is further decorated with two Auspicious Buddha in repousse, one to each upper and lower edges and two repousse protective Chinthe, with one to each left and right face of the scabbard.

A very rare sword

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