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A very rare Knife type
Burma, Thailand, Laos?
Golden triangle
Heavy and very sharp

A very rare Knife type Burma, Thailand, Laos Golden triangle Heavy and very sharp www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very heavy, rare and unusual knife, likely northern Burmese frontiers.

This Dah measures 36cms long in its sheath. out it is 35cms long and it carries a blade that is 23.5cms long, 3.5cms wide at the base, 4cms through the belly and just under 1cm across the spine.
The hilt is a one piece cast section of a bronze alloy with an almost white gold appearance. Its surfaces are covered with various raised motifs, motifs which at face value do not allow us to pin point with conviction, the exact location that this was made. The designs seen on the surface of the hilt are found in Northern Burma but also able to have been some by capable Thai Shan smith on the Thai/Burma regions and also the designs are commonly found on Laos bronze wares.
The sheath coverings are also bronze. A bronze alloy, or Samrit, covers the sheath, Samrit which is the native name in the Thai regions. The coverings are cast sheet that has been rolled and bound in six sections, with further smaller strapping coving the joins, several now lost.
the blade is simply a dangerous brute of a blade. Its edge is very sharp and the tip is full. Laminated surfaces can be seen beneath the original file finished surface.

A rare and very practical knife of unusual design and heft.

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