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Shan Dah
A fine fighting sword
Ivory and silver hilt

Shan Dah Dha Darb Daab Thai Thailand Burmese Burma A fine fighting sword Ivory and silver hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine 19th century Shan dah.

The fine fighting sword is one of the best Dah I have felt in the hand in a long time.
The large thick ivory grip offers a very comfortable grip and powerful weighted feel behind the sword's cutting ability. The grip and the razor sharp blade which displays very fine distal taper to the tip and cutting edge make this a formidable sword in combat.
The hilt is a thick single section of tusk which measure 4cms across where the blade and hilt join and 3.5cms across the pommel.
The strong forged blade of of a rounded spine with a subtle medial ridge. Its cutting edge is very sharp and the blade's tip is concave.
The scabbard is a simple yet quality constructed type. It is timber bound with fine rattan braiding and a lacquer covering for protection from the wet.

A fine fighting sword.

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