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Thai Shan
Complete Daab
Silver fittings
Quality blade
A fine fighting sword

A fine fighting sword Thai Shan Complete Daab Silver fittings Quality blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Thai fighting sword.

This Thai/Thai Shan Daab measures just under 88cms long in its scabbard. Out it is 81cms long with a blade length of 54cms.
The hilt is bamboo dressed in silver end fittings that are bound with very fine and high quality silver wire work. Its pommel end is in repousse silver, showing a central floral motif. The grip is bound in a very dark rattan with minor loss.
The blade is a fine fighting quality type. It is thick at the base with a raised medial ridge running through to the upswept tip and its edge remains razor sharp.
The scabbard is timber and like the hilt, it is bound in high quality silver ends with dark rattan binding and it retains its original suspension baldric.

A fine and complete high quality fighting sword.

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